Marketing & Sales Solutions

B2B Consultants – Marketing & Sales Solutions is one of the very rare consultants to cover Strategic, Tactful & Administrative details of Sales & Marketing under one roof. We approach with marketing and sales which are concerned about our client’s basic business goal. By thoroughly understanding our client’s journey, and clearly defining our client’s business objectives, we draft a marketing and sales strategy that is centered on the targeted client.

Also, confine in making clients and companies stand out realize clients on increased margins through lower cost of sales and marketing assurance through a strategic approach. Whether our clients are in a Traditional (off-line) or Digital Marketing & Sales (online) business, we deliberate utmost ideas to convey creative and strategic thinking, giving our client’s business a serious competitive advantage to get one step ahead for success. Our Marketing and Sales solutions reach the entire commercial drive for the benefit of our clients.

B2B Consultants helps companies to optimize their marketing and sales strategy for generating profitable growth. We do this by planning together and getting perception from our clients, markets, business environments and from other organizations. Then we perceive the economic connections of these perceptions and compare them with what is actually working for other companies. From there again, we work with management to set change in the company’s practices and processes. Then the outcome result is value creating a commercial strategy that is unique to our client’s business that is right down to individual products, programs, and customer segments.

Our strategies for Marketing & Sales

  • Strategy for branding

Positioning, developing and investing in our client’s brands to differentiate and drive growth.

  • Strategy for customer experience & loyalty

Increasing customer attention by providing the feasible experience they want.

  • Strategy for new product and service development

Bringing customer focus to developing new products and services.

  • Strategy for pricing

Maximizing overall profit with increasing margins and market share.

  • Strategy for channelizing

Making the most of client’s channels to market by staying in the right places through the best favorable way.

  • Strategy for marketing 

Contact and speak to the right customers in the right way at the right time.

  • Strategy for Commercial excellence

Accelerate revenue growth and manage sales and marketing expenses.

  • Strategy for Customer targeting and value proposition

Identify the highest-priority customer sectors to target, and define valuable approach according to the needs of those sectors.

  • Strategy for Salesforce effectiveness

Improve and accelerate sales performance by enforcing the right processes and activates to maximize the commercial team’s effectiveness.

  • Our solutions for Marketing & Sales

Demand Generation

 Checking weak demand

Checking poor leads

Checking prolong Sales Cycle

  • Revenue Growth

Investigating troubled with competition

Investigating aggressive target

Investigating slow growth

  • Process Optimization

Suffering from low productivity

Suffering from high costs

  • Thought Leadership

Bother with low Brand awareness

Weak thinking leadership

  • Skills Improvement

Lack of Sales skills

Not familiar with the latest techniques and trends

  • Overcoming Competition

Losing deals to other competitors

Huge Price pressure

Downfall of Market share